The Optical Imaging and Sensing Laboratory is dedicated to developing novel imaging and sensing techniques for nano- and bio- research. The lab is housed in the brand new Multidisciplinary Research ad Engineering Building (MREB) room 118.

Optical imaging: We have three Plasmonic Electrochemical Microscopy (PECM) systems based on inverted microscopes. One of the PECM system is based and modified on a Total Internal Reflection Fluorescent (TIRF) microscope from Olympus (IX83). The other two PECM systems are built with optical components which are more flexible with extra functions. Our lab is equipped with a home-built multi-spectrum confocal microscope as well, which can be used to measure the local reaction activities. Two cameras are used to record the plasmonic images: one is an ultrafast low noise CMOS camera from Hamamatsu (ORCA-Flash4.0 V2) and the other is a CCD camera (Pike F-032 from Allied vision).

Optical Setups:

Sample preparation and electrochemical measurement:


Chemical hoods:

Cell Culture: