Advanced Imaging and Sensing Lab

Laboratory for Advanced Imaging and Sensing in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Houston is directedly by Prof. Xiaonan Shan. In our lab, we develop different types of  imaging and sensing techniques for various applications. The techniques we are using is mostly based on optical imaging, optical spectroscopy, electromagnetic sensing, and chemical sensing. We apply them to study the chemical, physical, and electrical responses in energy storage and conversion process, biological processes, subsurface sensing, smart sensing for infrastructure, and environmental sensing. 


Research Interests:

I. Imaging and Spectrometry Methods for Energy Material Research

Battery Related:
 High sensitive plasmonic imaging platform for in situ characterization of solid electrolyte interphase
3D Morphology imaging for aqueous battery (Zn battery)
UV-Vis imaging of battery reaction 
Raman imaging

Catalytic Reaction:
In situ Raman spectroscopy to measure CO2 reduction
Single nanoparticle impedance imaging
Single nanoparticle catalytic reaction
Ultrafast plasmonic imaging system

II. Bioimaging and Biosensing

Functional surface plasmon imaging: measure cell metabolic activities via sub-nm membrane vibration
Single cell impedance imaging Understanding the catalytic activities
Soil based biomolecule and chemical sensing: detect the amoni acids, ions, and soil texture. 

III. Other Projects

Contact information:

Dr. Xiaonan Shan
Engineering Building 2, W306
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Houston, Houston, TX, 77204
Phone: 713-743-8593